What To Bring


It’s always difficult to know exactly what to bring when you take your child to childcare for the first time, so we thought we’d make it a little bit easier for you by making a list!

Packed lunch – in a named lunch box/bag (if your child is attending a morning session or whole day session). Please include an ice pack even in winter months. Take a look at our healthy eating section if you would like any guidance on what to include in your child’s packed lunch.

A drink bottle containing water – please name any drink cups or bottles. Water is always available for the children to help themselves.

A snack – during the morning & afternoon sessions each child has a chance to eat a healthy snack and eat it with their friends at the snack table. In the morning we ask you to provide your child with a healthy snack of your choice, we shall also provide fresh fruit, toast or crackers during morning snack for children to help themselves to. In the afternoon we have a Snack Bar for children to choose a snack from if they wish. To keep our snack stocks up we ask you to bring one pack of snack items per Half Term. This may be, for example, a pack of crackers, a pack of breadsticks, a pack of rice cakes, etc. We do encourage the children to try different things so do feel free to bring along something different for the children to try. Again we shall ensure that a selection is available for children to choose from.

A coat and wellies – we do encourage the children to play in the outside area when the weather allows, so during the colder months please ensure your child has a warm coat. With our close proximity to the Newick village recreational ground with it’s children’s play area we do take the children out to play on a regular basis so we do recommend you provide wellies on those wet and muddy days!

Soft shoes – the children often find it more comfortable to play inside in soft shoes, please ensure if they come to preschool wearing wellies that they are provided with a change of of shoes to wear during their session.

Cuddlies – we are happy for your child to bring any cuddly or blanket if you feel it will help them to settle.

Book bag – Newick Preschool provides each child with a book bag, we would ask you to bring the book bag in with each session, as the children are encouraged to choose a book to read at home.

Spare Clothes – We do appreciate you providing us with a spare set of clothes in case of accidents!


Birthdays – Some parents like to provide cakes, sweets or biscuits for all the children on their child’s birthday, however please do not feel you have to do this it is entirely optional. Please ensure you have signed and returned the Permissions form for this as we share the treats for birthdays whilst at preschool so that the Birthday Boy / Girl is involved in this.

Allergies – Please do inform us of any allergy your child may suffer from when you register, we do a lot of baking with the children so it is important to know in advance. Please ensure that you do not send any nut products, or any products containing nuts into preschool.

Absence – If your child is unable to make a session due to illness or for any other reason, please let us know as soon as you can by calling us on the usual contact numbers.

Illness – We would ask you to wait 48 hours before returning your child to preschool after they have suffered with any form of sickness, diarrhoea. (This 48hrs is after the last bout of sickness or diarrhoea).