Being 'School Ready'

A key part of your child’s early learning journey with us is supporting them and you in being ‘school ready’ for when the time comes for them to start Primary School.

As such in Summer Term 1 we shall invite all parents/carers of those children leaving us that July to a Twilight Session to discuss how best to support children in the transition to the next stage of their learning journey. We introduced this in 2023 and feedback has been that it was very useful and beneficial – so we shall do this every year to support our Rising 5s further.

We also shall invite the Reception teachers of local schools, which our children shall be transitioning to, to join us for this Twilight so that some further insight is given by them also to support families with this change.

Please see below some key areas where you can support your child at home (and beyond) in getting them ready for Primary School: