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What parents say about Newick Preschool:

MAY 2022

JUNE 2021

MAY 2021


“I am a parent at the preschool, all three of my children have gone there. The staff have always gone above and beyond to make sure the children are happy and nurtured. All three of my children excelled educationally and socially in Newick preschool. The staff are welcoming and easy to approach, I think this is vital in an under 5 setting. They always have a variety of equipment and activities for the children and they regularly explore outdoors and trips to the farm. I feel all three of my children had/have the best care in the preschool’s hands. I would not hesitate to recommend them.” November 2019

“I have nothing but positive things to say about the Newick Pre-School setting, it is a real asset to the village and all the staff are so welcoming and friendly.   I particularly like the initiatives to involve the children in what is going on in the local community, for instance taking part in the Guy competition and going out to see the flag being raised on Remembrance Day, my son also particularly enjoys the trips to the farm.  The staff encourage the children to try new things, particularly those they may not feel comfortable with and I have seen a huge improvement in our sons confidence.  I have been really impressed in the past with the preparation other children were given to help them with the transition to primary school so feel confident that my son will be given a good platform on which to move on from. Clearly a lot of hard work and effort goes into making sure the children enjoy their time at pre-school and I thank the staff for that.” November 2019

“My eldest daughter attended Newick Preschool from 2016-2018. My youngest has just started the preschool. We feel very lucky to have access to such a dedicated team at Newick Preschool. As a parent I’ve always found the pre school to be inclusive, well rounded; offering a great variety of activities for the children. The daily feedback received about each individual child is hugely impressive. The whole team are wonderfully communicative and this provides me with confidence that my daughter is in the best possible setting. This is further demonstrated by the fact that my daughter is always excited to attend and talks very positively about the staff and other children.” November 2019

“I think great people make for a great environment and nowhere is this more true than of Newick Preschool. Our child feels safe, and stimulated and happy when he’s with you. And the staff have forged incredibly supportive relationships with my child. Although my child only joined in September, he’s already settling in well & thoroughly enjoying his time at the Preschool. You know how much he loves trains and so there’s always some track close at hand. And there’s always lots of fun & creative activities for my child etc to get stuck into: from creating natural apple bird feeders, autumnal nature trays, Lego inspired Bonfire Guys, pumpkin soup and remembrance Poppies, to regular walks around the village, visits to nursing homes and the local farm to name a few. The children are never short of exciting things to do inside and outside of the setting. And then there’s the key role that the Preschool has in preparing the children for attending Primary school, learning to write in cursive (something my child had never attempted prior to joining you) and put on their own uniform and to be more independent.  These are just a few of the reasons why we’re thrilled that my child is a part of Newick Preschool.” November 2019