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                 Your First Day

First days can be nerve racking for the children and you, so here is what will happen and some advice.


Newick Pre-School is situated on a country road, you may park on the road (pre-school side) but parking is tight so if you can walk to us all the better! Once parked, walk along the pavement to the black gate and come straight through, the wooden gate will be shut until we are ready to open just before 9am. Our staff will be aware that your child is starting and will be there to greet you when the wooden gate is open. You and your child can then access the cloakroom through the double glass doors, where your child can hang up their coat and bag and change their shoes (if they need to) and place your lunch box in the trolley. Once the main door is open you and your child can take their snack item and bookbag into the main room, the bookbag is placed in the docking cupboard and the fruit bowl is just outside the kitchen door, all snacks go in there.


Once your child is comfortable and you are happy to leave, just let a member of staff know you are ready to leave. If your child get’s upset we will work with you to find the best way to settle them, so please don’t worry. We will not hesitate to call you if your child does not settle.

On pick up you wait inside the black gate until the wooden gate is open, once that is open you may go in to the cloakroom and pick up your children’s bag (which will contain his/her empty lunchbox). A few minutes later the children will be led out by a member of staff and handed over to you directly.


We hope this overview helps your first day be a relaxing and fun experience.