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At Newick Pre-School we love to take the children on special visits and outings. We believe it is an important part of their pre-school education and what’s more it’s great fun!


It’s great to see the children digging for potatoes, picking strawberries and pulling up carrots in Jane’s (our Burser) garden. Letting them get down in the dirt and hands on makes things more real for them and it certainly sticks in their memory.


We recently had a Circus on Newick Village Green, so the pre-school children all went down to see the big top being erected and met the clowns and the ringmaster, it really brought the circus to life for the children and gave us an exciting topic for the following week.


In Newick we have a wonderful bakery, Philania Bakery. The children love to visit to see the old fashioned oven and all the different types of bread and cakes being made. They even get some dough to make their own bread roll!


We also take the children to a local farm, often as a celebration at the end of the school year. They feed the animals, ride the tractor and play in the play park, what a great day for everyone.

Outings & Visits

Newick Pre-School is located opposite the entrance to Newick’s King George V’s Recreational Ground, a huge open space for the children where they can run and play games. There is a fully equipped playground with soft flooring, perfect for the pre-schoolers. We visit the park regularly rain or shine, it’s great to get the children out for some fresh air!


We are always interested to hear of any new outing and visit ideas!